Human Rights & Democracy Program- Country Allocation (NDICI) 2021 & 2022 - Palestine


The European Union Representative Office to the West Bank and Gaza Strip is seeking proposals for activities and initiatives that support human rights and democracy under the Human Rights & Democracy Program- Country Allocation (NDICI) 2021 &2022 Budgets

The call main focus will be on different thematic priorities: Supporting human rights defenders; fighting violations including defamation/smear campaigns; promoting the principle of non-discrimination and protecting the rights of vulnerable groups (in particular children, youth, women, persons with disability (PwD) and other groups; promoting and protecting the Right to Education and Right to Health; fighting against torture and other forms of ill-treatment; ensuring  respect for human rights fundamental freedoms (Freedoms of Association/Assembly, expression and media and citizens’ access to information.

The financial assistance is allocated from the 2021 & 2022 budgets of Neighbourhood development and international cooperation (NDICI).

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