Health: significant progress achieved for Morocco-EU cooperation

Health: significant progress achieved for Morocco-EU cooperation
Health: significant progress achieved for Morocco-EU cooperation
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If the delivery of the first vaccines among the 1,608,000 planned under the COVAX initiative, of which the European Union is one of the main contributors, was one of the information that marked the month of April, the health sector has also seen achievements, particularly in terms of capacity building and governance, under the Morocco-EU Health Sector Support Programme.

At the beginning of April, the results of the study on the care of women and children victims of violence in public hospitals in Morocco were presented at a workshop held on 5 April 2021 in Rabat.

In addition, early this month, 36 health professionals obtained the first MBA in territorial health management in Morocco. The graduates are committed to the design of projects that will be implemented and supported as part of the ongoing reforms, and more particularly the continuation of advanced regionalization in the health sector.

Moreover, to meet the quality requirements of users/clients of healthcare services, and to strengthen and support the accreditation of healthcare facilities in Morocco, the Directors of University Hospitals and other healthcare facilities in Morocco followed, in March 2021, an accreditation training.

Finally, two training of trainers took place in April in Rabat to strengthen the knowledge and skills of central, regional and provincial officials of the Ministry of Health involved in strategic and budgetary planning.


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