Euro-Mediterranean Economists Association to organize webinar on globalization

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The Euro-Mediterranean Economists Association (EMEA) is organizing a webinar on “Bridging divides: Trust in Globalization” on 3 September.

The key theme of this webinar is how do we move forward and capture the benefits of globalization without its negative corollaries, while considering the uncertain consequences of COVID-19 on trade and the movement of people and capital. How can globalization be reformed to be more equitable across regions and countries, and among groups of citizens within a country, as well as be more sustainable for the planet?

Special attention will be given to :

  1. People movements, especially migration, but also business/student/leisure travel.
  2. Trade in goods and services – questions of second sourcing, self-sufficiency, strategic industries, regionalization, etc.
  3. Capital flows – Touching on financial markets, remittances, contagion effects, etc.

EMEA coordinates the EU-funded Euro-Mediterranean Network for Economic Studies (EMNES).


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