"Essaha Aziza": the EU-programme continues to support the health sector in Tunisia

Essaha Aziza
Essaha Aziza
Copyright: EU Delegation to Tunisia

As part of the support programme for the health sector in Tunisia "Essaha Aziza", funded by the European Union in Tunisia in partnership with the Ministry of Health, a mobile ultrasound machine and a care pathway dedicated to the elderly at risk of loss of autonomy were installed at the Hrairia Health Center.

The center will from now on offer the elderly of the district a weekly geriatrics consultation, in situ, supported by university specialists (internal medicine, cardiology, psychiatry).

This course of care is unprecedented in Tunisia and aims to bring together care and improve the quality of services offered to citizens.

The “Essaha Aziza” programme, based on a previous EU support programme to the Ministry of Health and the recommendations of the Societal Dialogue, aims to expand universal coverage of essential front-line care to all citizens.

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