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Online violence: screens of shame

07 December 2021
“Cyberviolence against women is an increasing problem in Europe. It can take many forms, including (sexual) harassment, revenge porn and threats of rape, sexual assault or murder.  Perpetrators can be partners or ex-partners, colleagues, schoolmates or, as is often the case, anonymous individuals.…

Fahlat feminist collective: self-defence in the face of violence

25 November 2021
No one has the right to use their authority to assault a woman. However, in Algeria, as in many other countries, women suffer violence and harassment on a daily basis, in public and private spaces and in the workplace. The Fahlat collective has decided to train women in self-defence techniques to…
Aguinane, the oasis of the cooperative's ladies

Aguinane, the oasis of the cooperative's ladies

19 October 2021
"They say it's because of the climate, but I think that even people's hearts have something to do with it." says Fadma, laughing shyly. It is with these words in her native Amazigh language 'tachelhit', that Fadma talks about the impact of climate change and the scarcity of water in the oasis of…
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Wall of contemplation: Rights, ideas and graffiti

13 October 2021
At the initiative of the Delegation of the European Union in Lebanon and in partnership with the MACAM museum of modern and contemporary art, artists from all over the world have adorned the museum walls with graffiti. The Wall of Contemplation came into being in 2019, as the result of free…
Pandemic & infodemic: press freedom withstanding the test of coronavirus

Pandemic & infodemic: press freedom withstanding the test of coronavirus

03 May 2021
Interview. Misinformation, fake news, pandemic, etc. Aside from the various challenges they usually face, journalists must now come to terms with new phenomena, which complicate the practice of their profession even further. For World Press Freedom Day, celebrated throughout the world on 3 May,…
Performances of an inmate ©DGPR

Performances of an inmate: when the theatre breathes an air of freedom into Tunisian prisons

08 April 2021
“I want to go home too, but I'm afraid of you!” It is with these meaningful words, uttered by young actors lining up on stage and pointing fingers at the audience, that the play “Mrawah” ends. This is an unusual theatrical show, performed by juveniles of the El Mourouj Centre of Reeducation for…
PADSEL NOA: From handouts to financial independence for women

PADSEL NOA: From handouts to financial independence for women

26 January 2021
Piloted in 6 provinces and 24 target municipalities, the Programme for the support of sustainable local development and social actions in North West Algeria (PADSEL NOA) is helping local public sector stakeholders support populations in their journey to financial independence. Jointly financed by…
Ayman Al-Farawan ©EDUSYRIA

Syrian virology student goes the extra mile to prevent spread of virus

08 January 2021
For many, the unprecedented COVID-19 crisis has brought confusion and fear into their lives, along with uncertainty about the future. For others though, the pandemic offered an opportunity to put their knowledge to the service of others. This is the case of Ayman Al-Farawan, a Syrian virology…
Hiba Al-Masry ©EDUSYRIA

Small acts of kindness reap great hope amidst the pandemic

08 January 2021
A dynamic 28-year-old Syrian with a bright smile, Hiba Al-Masry emanates positivity towards anyone who crosses her path.
Zaina Al-Masry ©EDUSYRIA

Relentless activism: young Syrian stands for her community against COVID-19 challenges

23 December 2020
After graduating from Zarqa University thanks to her EU-funded EDU-SYRIA I scholarship, Zaina Al-Masry was determined to continue doing what she loved the most: giving back to her community.