EU4Business: Соединяя компании

EU4Business: Connecting Companies

2020-2022 Budget: €6.5 million

The project aims to promote trade between the EU Member States and the six Eastern partner countries, focusing in particular on five sectors of economic activity with a significant potential for SME export growth – Organic Food, Creative Industries, Textiles, Tourism and Wine-making.

EU4Business: Служба поддержки Восточного партнерства

EU4Business: Eastern Partnership Trade Helpdesk

2019-2024 Budget: €3.7 million

The project aims to support an increase …

Поддержка стран Восточного Партнерства ЕС для повышения возврата активов

Support to EU Eastern Partnership Countries to enhance asset recovery

2020-2023 Budget: €1.5 million

The programme bolster

EU4Youth – Влияние социальных инноваций – стратегическое партнёрство

EU4Youth – Social Innovation Impact – a strategic partnership

2020-2022 Budget: €1.67 million ( EU Investment: €1.5 million )

The project will connect young entrepreneurs from Romania, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine, helping to develop their capacity, as well as to support the establishment of a favourable ecosystem for social entrepreneurship in Moldova, Ukraine and Romania.

EU4Youth: Программа развития экосистемы социального предпринимательства (SEED) для зелёного роста в приграничных районах

EU4Youth: Social Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Development (SEED) programme for Green Growth in Borderline Communities

2019-2022 Budget: €1.6 million

The ‘Social Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Development (SEED) programme for Green Growth in Borderline Communities’ empowers disadvantaged youth to successfully transition from education to work in Georgia and Armenia through developing their Social Entrepreneurship (SE) and Green Innovation (GI)…

EU4Youth – Раскрытие потенциала молодых социальных предпринимателей в Молдове и Украине

EU4Youth - Unlocking the potential of young social entrepreneurs in Moldova and Ukraine

2020-2022 Budget: €1.66 million

The project helps to foster the social entrepreneurial potential of young people in Moldova and Ukraine by establishing a favourable ecosystem for social enterprises as well as by inspiring and supporting more young social entrepreneurs to develop and sustain their innovative solutions for the…

EU4Youth – Социальное предпринимательство в Армении и Грузии (SEAG)

EU4Youth – Social Entrepreneurship in Armenia and Georgia (SEAG)

2020-2022 Budget: €1.67 million

The EU4Youth SEAG initiative fosters youth employment and societal change through Social Entrepreneurship in the border regions of Armenia and Georgia. The project supports the development of the entrepreneurial potential of young people…

Европейский корпус солидарности

European Solidarity Corps

2018-2020 Budget: €375.6 million

The European Solidarity Corps is a European Union initiative…

Сеть выпускников EU4Youth

EU4Youth Alumni Network

2020 Budget: €311000

The EU4Youth Alumni network aims to streamline into a unified network all the beneficiaries of EU Mobility programmes in the Eastern Partner Countries and existing youth networks, such as the Young European Ambassadors (YEA) networks, EaP Civil…

EU4Youth – Youth Engagement Roadmaps

EU4Youth – Youth Engagement Roadmaps

2020-2021 Budget: €1.8 million

The project aims to improve the national youth policies of the Eastern partner countries by contributing to the development of an effective policy…