PPRD East 3

Prevention, Preparedness and Response to natural and man-made disasters in Eastern Partnership countries – phase 3 (PPRD East 3)

2020-2024 Budget: €6 million

The project aims to strengthen disaster risk reduction and crisis management in the Eastern Partnership countries and to promote regional cooperation with the EU Civil Protection Mechanism…

Вторая фаза EU4Energy: переход стран Восточного партнерства на чистую энергию

Promoting the Clean Energy Transition in the Eastern Partnership Countries: EU4Energy Phase II

2021-2024 Budget: €3 million

The project, implemented by the Council of European Energy Regulators (CEER), is part of the wider EU4Energy Phase II (2021-2024) programme, which aims to foster the low carbon and clean energy transition in the six…

Collaborate for Impact

Collaborate for Impact - development of social entrepreneurship and social investments towards economic and social cohesion in the Eastern Partnership and Russia

2020-2025 Budget: €5 million

The project aims to contribute to the development of a more favourable social entrepreneurship ecosystem in the Eastern Partnership region and Russia. This will be done through raising awareness, promotion of social…

Сеть аналитических центров по вопросам Восточного Партнерства

Network of Think Tanks on the Eastern Partnership

2020-2021 Budget: €60000

The network aims to engage leading think tanks, policy experts, and policymakers from the 27 EU member states and the six Eastern partners and beyond in an ongoing inclusive, coordinated, and systematic dialogue on the EU’s post-2020 eastern policy. The network will support structured dialogue…



2021-2024 Budget: €7.85 million

The project aims to promote culture as an engine for growth and social development across the region, by assisting in implementing Cultural Development Strategies of non-capital cities and…

ЕС за гендерное равенство: служба поддержки

EU4GenderEquality: Reform Helpdesk

2021-2024 Budget: €1.43 million

The Gender Equality Reform Helpdesk will provide gender analysis and expert advice on gender equality in a wide range of areas such as Labour market policies, Economic development, Public…

Региональная коммуникационная программа для региона Восточного партнерства («Восточное соседство ЕС»)

EU Regional Communication Programme for the Eastern Neighbourhood ('EU NEIGHBOURS east')

2020-2024 Budget: €9.58 million

The regional communication programme aims to enhance strategic communication actions, improve public understanding of the EU and its policies, and build societal resilience to disinformation in the EU and its…

EU4Digital: Кибербезопасность – Восток

EU4Digital: Cybersecurity East

2019-2022 Budget: €3.12 million

The project focuses on further developing the approximation of all Eastern Partner countries to the EU basic pillars on cybersecurity, taking into account the…

Региональный проект по борьбе с наркотиками и организованной преступностью (ЕU-ACT)

Regional Project on fighting drugs and organised crime (EU-ACT)

2017-2023 Budget: €14.5 million

EU-ACT aims at building capacities to increase regional and trans-regional law enforcement cooperation and coordination in the fight against organised crime and trafficking activities along the heroin route, as well as supporting the development of drugs policy and…

 TOPCOP: Сотрудничество стран Восточного партнерства в борьбе с организованной преступностью

TOPCOP – Strengthening cooperation in the Eastern partnership countries to fight against organised crime

2020-2024 Budget: €6 million

TOPCOP aims at improving operational effectiveness across the Eastern Partner countries. It will also reinforce the nexus between law enforcement training and operations, and provide an up-to-date situational picture of the threat…