About the project

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The EU Neighbours portal is part of the EU’s Neighbourhood Communication Programme (2020-2024) for the Eastern and Southern Neighbourhood (EU NEIGHBOURS east and EU NEIGHBOURS south). The Programme was launched in December 2020 for a period of four years and builds upon the previous Regional Communication Programme Phase II.

The Regional Communication Programme seeks to raise awareness, increase knowledge and understanding of the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP). The objective of the European Neighbourhood Policy is to support reforms and democratic consolidation, and promote prosperity, stability and security in Europe's neighbouring countries.  

The contracts for the two projects of the EU’s Neighbourhood Communication Programme (2020-2024) are implemented by consortia led by STANTEC (EU NEIGHBOURS south), and B&S Europe (EU NEIGHBOURS east).

The Programme is funded by the European Union.


Project teams


  • Team Leader: Joumana Brihi
  • Campaign & Youth Network Coordinator: Dalila Achour-Limam
  • Information and Communication Manager: Rym Benarous
  • Digital Campaign Manager: Nidhal Battikh


  • Team Leader: Silvia Grant
  • Media Manager: Olena Malynovska
  • Campaigns Manager: Anneli Kimber Lindwall
  • Networks Co-ordinator: Nina Gogoladze
  • Social Media Expert: Robbe Demuynck
  • Chief editor: Kosta Pavlowitch
  • Content manager: Natalia Frolova

To contact the team members: 

for EAST - info@euneighbourseast.eu

for SOUTH - info@euneighbours.eu