Think before you share: EUvsDisinfo

06 May 2020
Yes, there may be a cute cat in that video. But it's not always worth sharing. Navigating social media during the #coronavirus infodemic is difficult, but you're not alone:

#YouCanToo: Minira

23 March 2020
With support from the EU, Azerbaijani filmmaker and advocate for gender equality Sitara Ibragimbeyli created this film revealing the gender issues in her society. Hear how this project became a reality:

Yanina Sokolova on media and gender equality

23 March 2020
Listen to Yanina Sokolova speaking about gender equality, civil activism and media in Kraina FM's EU–Ukraine programme:

She set up a business in a rural area and created jobs for other women

23 March 2020
Marina's business created 15 jobs for women in the rural areas of Moldova. Hear in this podcast, how EU helped her to create it:

#YouCanToo: Yekateryna

23 March 2020
"I mustered up my courage and went to the start-up support office." Read how Yekateryna created her business from scratch with the EU's support:

#YouCanToo: Maia

23 March 2020
Maia's family business has been taken to a new level by a grant from ENPARD - საქართველო. See how you can also benefit:

Stronger women - stronger society

23 March 2020
housands of women in the Eastern partner countries have benefited from EU support. See how