EU4GenderEquality: Reform Helpdesk

Project duration



€1.43 million
EU4GenderEquality: Reform Helpdesk
EU4GenderEquality: Reform Helpdesk

Brief Description

The Gender Equality Reform Helpdesk will provide gender analysis and expert advice on gender equality in a wide range of areas such as Labour market policies, Economic development, Public Administration, Justice Reforms, Health care service and social services, Education, and Family policies. The aim is to increase gender equality through the use of a gender analysis in decision-making, reforms, policies and programmes. The Helpdesk is mainly aimed at national governments and public administrations, EU Delegations in the region and the interested public at large.


The overall objective is to increase the knowledge base and use of gender analysis in decision-making and reforms by the Eastern Neighbourhood governments and EU Delegations to deliver effective and equal results to all, both women and men. 

Actions in brief

The project will:

  • Provide expert advice to Eastern Neighbourhood governments and EU Delegations on the inclusion of gender analysis in policy-making and reform implementation progress.
  • Support staff in Eastern Neighbourhood governments and EU Delegations involved in reforms to be better informed about the impact of gender-responsive reforms on inclusive and sustainable development, and to have improved capacity to develop evidence-based and analytically sound reforms.
  • Improve the evidence base on the impact of reforms on women in Eastern Neighbourhood countries, and disseminate to select target groups.
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