Project duration



€7.85 million

Brief Description

The project aims to promote culture as an engine for growth and social development across the region, by assisting in implementing Cultural Development Strategies of non-capital cities and towns, providing grants and capacity-building support for complementing those strategies, and organising mobility schemes for artists and culture professionals.


EU4Culture aims to promote culture as an engine for growth and social development across the region. Specifically, the project aims to:

  • enhance local cultural heritage, culture and creative industries as resources for socio-economic development, inclusion and citizen participation;
  • favour intercultural dialogue for peaceful inter-community relations and knowledge sharing;
  • contribute to improve local governance in the culture sector through support for regulatory processes and participative policy dialogue.

Actions in brief

The project will:

  • Support the development and implementation of local Cultural Development Strategies: up to three non-capital cities and towns in each partner country will receive €30,000 to develop a Cultural Development Strategy; one of those three will then receive up to €300,000 to implement its Strategy;
  • Launch a grant scheme for cultural projects and cross-innovation projects, to complement Cultural Development Stategies;
  • Launch a mobility scheme for artists and cultural professionals;
  • Provide capacity building support to selected towns in the fields of Internationalisation, Cultural Enterprise and Management, and Cultural Indicators and Statistics.
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