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EU4Business – Восточное партнерство: готовность к торговле
EU4Business – Восточное партнерство: готовность к торговле

Brief Description

The project helps small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from Eastern Partnership countries integrate into global value chains and access new markets with a focus on the EU, assisting SMEs in producing value-added goods in accordance with international and EU market requirements, while linking them with buyers from global value chains and markets.


The overall objective is to enhance the international trade of SMEs from the six Eastern Partnership countries, in particular with the EU, strengthening SME competitiveness and building up value chains in each country.

Actions in brief

  • Conduct analysis of the selected value chains and identify constraints and opportunities for SME competitiveness.
  • Identify potential target markets.
  • Draft project roadmaps for each country to enhance international competitiveness.
  • Conduct awareness-raising and information events on key issues critical for trade success in global markets with a focus on the European market.
  • Provide coaching, training and business advisory services to a pilot group of SMEs in the areas identified.
  • Assess the capacities of sectoral BSOs to meet the needs of SMEs in the selected global value chains.
  • Contribute to information-knowledge sharing platforms and facilitate collaboration with professional institutions and sector organisations from target markets.
  • Prepare SMEs for participation in trade fairs and upgrade their skills on marketing and sales strategies through training and advisory services.
  • Develop networks with potential buyers for the target product groups in each country.
  • Plan and organise study tours, collaboration meetings, trade fair participation and buyer/seller meetings to facilitate partnerships with buyers.

The project is implemented by the International Trade Centre (ITC).

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