EU Regional Communication Programme for the Eastern Neighbourhood ('EU NEIGHBOURS east')

Project duration



€9.58 million
Региональная коммуникационная программа для региона Восточного партнерства («Восточное соседство ЕС»)
Региональная коммуникационная программа для региона Восточного партнерства (…

Brief Description

The regional communication programme aims to enhance strategic communication actions, improve public understanding of the EU and its policies, and build societal resilience to disinformation in the EU and its Neighbourhood.


  • To improve perceptions of the EU and develop a more receptive environment for European values and principles in the Eastern partner countries.
  • To raise awareness and improve understanding of the benefits for citizens and results of EU cooperation through facts and human-interest stories.
  • To stimulate a positive public debate about the EU and the Eastern Partnership, in particular by building a strong network of multipliers of young age and by working with the local media.
  • To measure the support for and monitor the public perception of the EU in the partner countries.


Actions in brief

Integrated communication campaigns, raising awareness and improving understanding on the ground as well as through online platforms including social media and content production

  • Organising a series of integrated high impact thematic campaigns, with targeted outreach throughout the EaP region and wide coverage via multiple channels as well as events on the ground.
  • Content production including editorial and audio-visual production and graphic work, translated into the languages spoken by the target audiences.
  • Maintenance and further development of a one-stop-shop for news and project stories from the EU and the region.


  • Management and further development of the network of Young European Ambassadors (YEAs) to engage in people-to-people outreach.
  • Building on the network of media partners and establish contacts and partnerships with relevant national and regional networks, stakeholders, influencers and multipliers in order to ensure sustainability and multiplier effect of EU messages/EU project stories and content.
  • Building on networks and partnerships maintained by the communication offices of EU Delegations in the region.


  • Build on the previous waves of opinion polling to track the evolution of perception of the general population in partner countries of a range of issues, through annual in-depth face-to-face interviews.
  • Carry out qualitative surveys (i.e. focus groups) including on specific pilot regions and priority demographic profiles.

Strengthening capabilities for more strategic communications

  • Providing strategic guidance, support and coordination of communication activities of EU-funded projects in the region.
  • Supporting EU Delegations in the Neighbourhood East in improving their strategic communication efforts, including through digital tools.
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