Creative Europe

Creative Europe

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€2.4 billion
Creative Europe
Creative Europe

Brief Description

Creative Europe is the European Union's programme to support the cultural and creative sectors (including audio-visual). It supports projects with the potential to travel, reach new audiences and encourage skill sharing and development.


Countries covered: ArmeniaGeorgia, Moldova and Ukraine participate fully in the Culture sub-programme and partially in the Media programme (Training, Festivals, Film Education and Market Access activities). Partner organisations from non-participating countries such as Azerbaijan and Belarus can be part of any Consortium that has the minimum amount of eligible partners. In the Culture sub-programme a maximum 30% of the allocated funding can be spent in third countries.



The programme aims to:

  • Help the cultural and creative sectors seize the opportunities of the digital age and globalisation;
  • Enable the sectors to reach their economic potential, contributing to sustainable growth, jobs, and social cohesion;
  • Give Europe's culture and media sectors access to new international opportunities, markets, and audiences.

Actions in brief

Creative Europe consists of two sub-programmes:

Culture sub-programme promoting the cultural and creative sectors, including

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  • Cultural cooperation projects – supporting cross-border cooperation projects between cultural and creative organisations within the EU and beyond. Projects can cover one or more cultural and creative sectors and can be interdisciplinary.
  • Literary translation projects – supporting initiatives for the translation and promotion of literary works, with the aim of increasing access to high quality European literature.
  • Cultural networks – support for European networks to help cultural and creative sectors to operate transnationally and to strengthen their competiveness.
  • Platforms for cultural operators promoting emerging artists and stimulating a truly European programming of cultural and artistic work.

MEDIA sub-programme supporting the development and distribution of audiovisual works, including:

  • Training – supporting training activities in different fields such as audience development and opportunities and challenges of the digital shift
  • Festivalsproviding opportunities to stimulate interest in European audiovisual works through the promotion of events, films, literacy, and festivals.
  • Film Education – to stimulate interest in, and improve access to, European audio-visual works, in particular through promotion, events, film literacy and festivals.
  • Access to markets – offering opportunities for organisations to increase access to markets through a variety of means, including exchanges and access to trade events, allowing increased visibility and improved circulation of works.
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