Job vacancy for Language Assistant to the Resident Twinning Advisor (RTA) in Ukraine

European Union, 2019
European Union, 2019

Strengthening the Regulatory Capacity of the National Commission for the State Regulation of Communications and Informatization in the Areas of Market Access and Quality of Service Monitoring System” Twinning number: UA 18 ENI TE 01 19

Is seeking to recruit Language Assistant to the Resident Twinning Advisor (RTA). The duration of this paid assignment will be 21 months, with an indicative start date in September/October 2019. The position is based in Khreshchatyk Str., 22, Kyiv, 01001. The RTA Language Assistant will report directly and will be supervised by the RTA.

Tasks of RTA Language Assistant:

  • Act as a language assistant to the RTA and assist visiting short term experts;
  • Translate written materials with relation to the project in Ukrainian and English;
  • Interpret during missions, meetings, workshops, seminars, trainings, and other project events;
  • Developing and maintaining close working contacts and relationships with Beneficiary Country officials involved in each of the activities and the project management;
  • Performing all other duties assigned e.g. cooperate and work with RTA Assistant in daily management of the project related activities.

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