EU4Youth: take part in School Garden photo exhibitions

EU4Youth Серия передвижных фотовыставок «Проект «Школьный сад»: штрихи к портрету»
EU4Youth Серия передвижных фотовыставок «Проект «Школьный сад»: штрихи к…

The EU4Youth ‘School Garden’ for Agricultural Entrepreneurship’ project invites everyone who has read or is going to read the ‘Introduction into advertising and marketing photo shoot’ manual to participate in the series of travelling photography exhibitions ‘School Garden project: Touches in the portrait’.

A photograph of a huge ripe pumpkin or apple and pear trees heavy with fruit, an image of a well-kept garden bed with boys and girls bending over it, boxes and baskets with harvest captured on a photo and even a still life with a favourite and most convenient shovel – all these pictures will tell a story about how the project is being carried out in your school.

The main prize of the photography contest – a place in the exhibition room – will be awarded to every interesting photograph. Taken separately it can only add one touch, one detail to the story about a school yard, but together they will create its exhaustive and complete portrait.

Students from 4th-11th grades, school graduates and teachers from schools that take part in the EU4Youth project can participate in the photography exhibitions ‘School Garden project: Touches in the portrait’.

The deadline for submission is 15 October 2020. Based on the results of the selection, the photography exhibitions will be formed and will take place at schools participating in the project, as well as at various exhibition spaces in Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova.

You can find more information and the selection criteria by following the link.

The EU4Youth project School Garden for Agricultural Entrepreneurship aims to foster the employability and active participation of young people in disadvantaged rural areas of Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova in society and the economy by developing modern labour, leadership and entrepreneurial skills, and promoting new professional opportunities.

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