Call for expert: Youth work against violent radicalisation (SALTO-YOUTH)

SALTO-Youth EuroMed, SALTO-Youth EECA and SALTO-Youth SEE in cooperation with the Polish National Agency, French National Agency, Norwegian National Agency, German National Agency, UK National Agency, Dutch National Agency and Italian National Agency are starting a long term strategy about youth work against violent radicalisation.


  • Sharing good practices among youth workers and their experiences with existing tools (focus on transferability);
  • Mapping of NGOs actives on the topic and finding out more about what they do, what are their needs and which challenges they are facing;
  • Highlighting the role of the Erasmus + Programme Youth as a supportive tool;
  • Raising awareness about the relevant policy frameworks (EU policy and International Policy Framework);
  • Highlighting the added value of involving the four neighbouring partner regions of the Erasmus+ Programme as a part of the overall strategy.

2017 - Steps of the strategy

Mapping exercise

Carry out a mapping that will focus on the NGOs that are working on this topic and collect their experiences.

The mapping will focus on the NGOs in the 4 partner regions and the countries of the National Agencies who are involved in the project. The research will focus on what NGOs are actually doing in their countries and try to identify their needs and the challenges that they are facing.

The mapping should also lead to defining a common vocabulary about the topic and investigate some good practices more in details in order to suggest some potential models of practice. A special focus should be given to the methodology implemented at the local level and (in case of good practise) its potential transferability to other contexts.

At the end of the day, the research aims to support possible strategies and the development of tools that can help to better face and prevent violent radicalisation among young people.

Here you can download the call for 1 reseacher open till the 20/01/2017

Conference at the end of 2017 (venue and dates will be defined at beginning 2017)

Objectives of the conference:

  • Look at the results of the research and work with the participants about them;
  • Share some good practices from different NGOs’ experiences and analyse them (transferability);
  • Raise visibility of the role of youth work in working against violent radicalisation
  • Identify the needs in the field in order to define the future steps of the strategy within the Erasmus+ : Youth in Action Programme.

Target Groups:

  • NGOs who have active experience in the field of building resilience among young people against violent radicalisation.
  • Youth policy makers
  • Local authorities
  • Representatives of institutions that are active in this field


Find more information and apply here

(closing date: 20 January 2017)