Moldova: EU initiative commissions analysis of tourism potential in Căușeni District

Photo: European Union
Photo: European Union

The EU-funded initiative ‘Mayors for Economic Growth’ (M4EG) has commissioned an expert to conduct an analysis of the tourism sector in Căușeni District, the Republic of Moldova, and identify tourism development opportunities in the region.

Together with Căușeni City Hall, District Council representatives and local stakeholders in the tourism sector, the expert explored the city of Căușeni and the surrounding rural areas, including the villages of Cîrnățeni, Copanca, Grădinița, Hagimus, Leuntea, Opaci, Sălcuța and Zaim. During their visit, the expert assessed the tourism potential of the region, the role of stakeholders, and the services and products that exist or can be developed. As a result, the expert came up with recommendations for the tourism offer and image of Căușeni, taking into account the district’s local economic development plan.

‘Mayors for Economic Growth’ was launched in 2017 by the EU, to support mayors and municipalities of the Eastern partner countries to become active facilitators of economic growth and job creation at local level.

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