First Biosphere Reserve established in Dedoplistskaro, Georgia, with EU support

Photo: European Union
Photo: European Union

On 10 June, the Biosphere Reserve Tourism Information Centre and Bird Watching Tower in the region of Kakheti were opened to mark International Biodiversity Day. Both locations as part of the EU-funded ‘Establishment of Vashlovani Biosphere Reserve in Kakheti Region as a Model for Inclusive and Sustainable Growth’ project by Dedoplistskaro Municipality in partnership with REC Caucasus and in close collaboration with the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture of Georgia (MEPA).

The biosphere reserve includes the Vashlovani Protected Area located in Dedoplistskaro. However, unlike the protected area, there are fewer restrictions in a biosphere reserve and, therefore, more space for economic activities, while ensuring nature protection. The new status of the territory will allow local inhabitants in Dedoplistskaro to maintain and protect the environment while getting involved in sustainable businesses.

“These sites will clearly encourage the development of nature-oriented tourism, as well as supporting protection of the environment and economic development of the local population, said Nikoloz Janiashvili, Mayor of Dedoplistskaro.

The Bird Watching Tower, which is located in Koghoti Gorge, will allow tourists to observe the birds in the gorge using special observation equipment.

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