EUvsDisinfo: COVID-19 disinformation trends in Eastern Neighbourhood countries

Photo: EUvsDisinfo
Photo: EUvsDisinfo

In March 2020, the EU started its extensive efforts to cope with the effects of the pandemic in Europe and beyond. It quickly reacted to the needs of its international partners, and provided supplies to support the Eastern partner countries.

The spread of COVID-19 across the EU’s Eastern Neighbourhood, was followed by conspiracy theories, misleading information and disinformation. For pro-Kremlin media, the pandemic offered new opportunities to build on existing disinformation narratives and spin new ones.

The EUvsDisinfo website recently published an article, revealing some of the trends and narratives spread by media in the region.

According to the article, one of the main goals of pro-Kremlin disinformation in the region is to drive a wedge between the EU and its Eastern Neighbourhood partners.

The article claims that in the context of COVID-19 such disinformation efforts take on a new appearance, where the EU is systematically portrayed as unable to respond to the outbreak, let alone help its neighbours.

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