Sharing stories to connect young people from the EU member States and the Eastern Neighbourhood countries

Going on a school tour - my first adventure as a YEA

Going on a school tour - my first adventure as a YEA

Hi everyone, I’m Esma from Georgia and I would like to share a story with you about my first experience as a Young European Ambassador (YEA).
Esma Gumberidze 23 January 2019
Conference participants

“Youth and State: Partnership4Development” in Lviv - our first international activity as YEAs

Hello, we are YEAs from two Eastern Partner countries - Armenia and Belarus - who were honored to take part in the Youth and State: Partnership4Development in Lviv, Ukraine. The conference, taking place on December 7-8, brought together more than 120 participants from Eastern Partner countries as the first interdisciplinary and cross-institutional dialogue platform for all six Eastern Partner countries.
Nensi Mkrtchyan and Olga Pleskatsevich 22 December 2018

YEAs sharing experience: Three basic tips on how to carry out interviews

Philipp Brugner from Austria and Viktor Savinok from Ukraine are sharing their experiences in conducting interviews with senior officials.
Philipp Brugner and Viktor Savinok 22 December 2018
YEAs Delegation to the Vienna Conference

Trust YEAs, they’ll change the world!

Hello, lovely readers! My name is Maria Pia, and I am a happy and proud YEA from Italy! In December 2018, I was lucky enough to attend the conference “A stronger economy for stronger societies – Investing in people for sustainable growth” in Vienna, Austria, with other 12 Young European Ambassadors from the EU Eastern Partner countries Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine, and member states Portugal, Greece, Croatia, Luxembourg and Italy.
Maria Pia Napoletano 12 December 2018
EuroSchool 2018

Azerbaijan AZ – a YEA experience from A to Z

Exactly one year ago, as I was hastily filling in an application form before a looming deadline, my mind could barely have fathomed that I would set foot in Azerbaijan so soon...Becoming a Young European Ambassador and embracing with unbounded enthusiasm the idea of building bridges between youth from the European Union and our peers in the Eastern Partnership became not only a genuine pleasure, but also a lifelong goal. My next move was to advance fearlessly on the newly erected stepping stones of cooperation and to head towards the eternally fascinating lands on the shores of the Caspian Sea.
Stefania-Felicia Pavel 06 December 2018
YEAs plant trees in Armenia for World Environment Day

Why you should be more eco-friendly: my experience in Armenia

“This area is yours,” said the local community leader, “green it as much as you want!”  On 3 June, in commemoration of World Environment Day, the Young European Ambassadors in Armenia, including myself, led a tree-planting activity in the Armavir region supported by the EU Neighbours east programme. It was a day unlike any other and one that I will likely never forget...
Titan Asatryan 14 June 2018
'Career Days: EU' in Ukraine, May 24

How could you benefit from informal education?

Hello everyone, my name is Alina and I am a Young European Ambassador from Ukraine. On 24 May, my fellow Young European Ambassador Viktor Savinok and I participated in the ‘Career Days: EU’ which took place at the Ternopil National Economic University. The event was dedicated to the subject of informal education and its beneficial aspects in the Ukrainian context...
Alina Mykytyshyn 13 June 2018
EU Conference on Youth, Peace and Security in Brussels, May 23-24

What is the Future of Youth, Peace and Security?

Hello, my name is Nika and I am from Belarus. On May 23-24, six Young European Ambassadors including myself took part in the EU Conference on Youth, Peace and Security in Brussels which brought together more than 60 participants from Europe and Africa...
Veronika Pavlovskaya 12 June 2018
Ajarian Khachapuri

Make your own traditional "Ajarian Khachapuri"

"Ajarian Khachapuri" is one of the most famous and delicious traditional Georgian dish, originally coming from the Western part of the country...
Tamar Buachidze 11 May 2018