Sharing stories to connect young people from the EU member States and the Eastern Neighbourhood countries

Global Climate Strike Participants

Ukraine is against Climate Change

On 20th of September, stroke the most visible and media covered event – Global Climate Strike. An international initiative has united youth and eco-activists all around the world. Fridays for Future movement and climate strikes on Fridays were inspired by Swedish teenage girl Greta Thunberg. Ukraine is striking as well. More than 2000 people from 21 Ukrainian cities joined. I was there as a photographer and an activist. The march for climate was held in Kyiv. It started at Mykhaylivska Square and President’s Office was the finish line/the end point. 
Bohdana Mysyk 16 October 2019
Velislava - Mihaela Krachunova

A Young European Ambassador on the Road EU Info Tours – an Effective Initiative against Disinformation

I am so happy that I had the opportunity to take part in my very first Infotour not only as part of Team Europe Junior but also as a Young European Ambassador. It took place in the end of July this year and included 6 Bulgarian cities in northeastern Bulgaria – Targovishte, Razgrad, Shumen, Dobrich, Kavarna and Varna.
Velislava - Mihaela Krachunova 16 September 2019
YEAs are meeting Mr. Donald Tusk

My European Batumi

New friends, new opportunities, the biggest networking, increased competencies and knowledge, helping young people around us and strengthening our communities. This is all about Young European Ambassadors’ Program. There has been a lot so far in Georgia during this project. However, I would like to talk about our experience in Batumi during “Georgia’s European Way” Conference days.
Mariam Morchadze 12 August 2019
Participants of the conference

Young People Debating and Designing the Future of the Eastern Partnership in Georgia

The Eastern Partnership (EaP) is turning 10 years old this year, and many events are held throughout Europe and the EaP countries to celebrate its achievements, raise awareness among the population, debate the pro’s and con’s of the current partnership policy, and draw up proposals on its future to further foster relations between the EU and EaP countries. One of the events celebrating and contemplating the Eastern Partnership, and an extremely successful one if I may say, was the conference “EaP 10th Anniversary - Youth Perspective”, organised by the Proactive Group Georgia in cooperation with ‘EU NEIGHBOURS East’ project and the Georgian Technical University in June 2019. 
Kristin Aldag 08 August 2019
The YEAs team

The New Generation Summit at College of Natolin (Warsaw)

10 years have passed since the establishment of the Eastern Partnership Initiative. The participating states Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine have implemented a number of reforms in order to foster democracy development and stability in the region with help of the European Union. In 2017 an ambitious plan of the 2020 deliverables for these states has been set up.
Soso Dzamukashvili 24 May 2019
“Gviriloba” Festival

“Gviriloba” Festival: Make your own EU Flag with Chamomiles!

Since childhood, 2nd May has been one of my favourite days during the year. Because on this day we celebrate the day of my hometown Kutaisi. The whole city exclusively waits for the festival and prepares for it, locals try to make the day interesting and cheerful for them and guests. 
Kristine Chikhladze & Miranda Betchvaia 24 May 2019
Rovshan Badalov among other participants

The launch of the 10th EaP anniversary celebrations through the eyes of a Young European Ambassador

As a Young European Ambassador I have to date participated in a myriad of events, civic engagement activities and projects. Amongst the ones to highlight is my recent experience attending the 10th Anniversary of Eastern Partnership Launch event that was held in the heart of the European Union, Brussels. 
Rovshan Badalov 20 March 2019

Stronger together for a stronger society - Reflections on the Eastern Partnership’s 10th Anniversary

‘Stronger society’ is one of the four key themes of the EU’s Eastern Partnership (EaP). At first this concept could mean any number of things, but for the two of us stronger society means people - especially the youth - having an opportunity to obtain education, information and valuable skills which can be realised, harnessed and put to use through meaningful employment or voluntary work. With enough motivation, people who are empowered and equipped with these opportunities have a real chance to influence and contribute to the social, economic, cultural and political life of their countries and communities.
Esma Gumberidze and Andranik Shirinyan 18 March 2019
The participants of the workshop

They called me a Young European Woman

On the 9th of March 2019, the Georgian Young European Ambassadors visited ‘Girl Up’ Marneuli which is located in Marneuli, Georgia. The visit's aim was to celebrate International Women's Day with the club's members, and talk about their lifestyles and problems which are faced in their community.
Daria Gasanova 18 March 2019